Group Lessons

  • Group lessons are our most economical option for formal instruction
  • In groups of up to 5 students, our instructors will guide the class through a progression of lessons to help get them to the next level
  • Lessons are 1 hour long
  • Lessons are grouped by skill and discipline as follows:
    • Disciplines: BMX, Scooter and Skateboard
    • Skill – Beginner & Intermediate (for advanced riders, private or semi-private lessons are a better option as lessons need to be more individualized)
  • While we will have standard blocks of times in the calendar for lessons, we are happy to add more if there is demand.  Just email us at 
  • Note – lessons do NOT include a park pass.  If you are interested in using the park before and/or after, a park pass can be purchased at the special rate of $15 for students in lessons that day.